From Luxuriously Restored Trailers to Superhero Workouts

 - Jan 3, 2014
The year 2013 has given rise to an onslaught of lifestyle trends. One of the most notable lifestyle shifts that occurred was a further respect for living a healthy lifestyle. Technological advances such as ingredient-examining knife blades that provide nutritional information and many new innovations in the realm of biking and working out have been made to further enhance this active lifestyle obsession.

Aside from health, lifestyle trends were also heavily influenced by the powerful pop culture trends of 2013. Despicable Me and countless Marvel movie releases had a powerful impact on the way people lived their lives. Even more obscure phenomenon like the meme of dogs wearing pantyhose originating in Asia quickly became a humorous trend that people participated in globally. To find out more on lifestyle trends and shifts, have a look at Trend Hunter's Lifestyle Trend Report.