The Whale-Inspired Orcinus E-Bike Offers a Sea of Convenient Features

 - Jan 9, 2013
References: changidesign & yankodesign
The Gusto Orcinus E-Bike might actually be one of the upcoming versatile two-wheeler concepts that performs two supplementary functions well. Not only does the innovative conveyance boast the ability to pack up completely, it also helps the rider along with a powerful assistive pedaling system.

Sheng-Chieh Chang's invention looks like a sturdy full-size electric bicycle, so it's a surprise to discover that it doubles as a folding bicycle. These features are particularly practical for its intended storage in cramped Chinese apartments and its use in busy city streets.

The orca whale was the inspiration for the aesthetics and the spirit of the Gusto Orcinus E-Bike. It affords its owner the freedom of getting from A to B whichever way he likes with the convenience of a truly accommodating conveyance.