Vincent Chan's Backpack Designs Consolidate Your Camping Equipment

 - Jan 4, 2013
References: coroflot
Fundamentally, the purpose of a knapsack is to store a variety of items for convenient carriage on foot. Vincent Chan's backpack designs demonstrate an incredibly innovative departure from the most basic function of such an object.

His first concept is called the Air-Camper. It's a high capacity backpack that's made from durable gortex with an inflatable PC air bag lining and the ability to expand to the full length of a person. The Air Camper doubles effectively as a sleeping bag so that valuable space inside of one's haversack need not be occupied by bedding.

The other of Vincent Chan's backpack designs is the Solar Traveler. It has a shield of small chip-like solar panels that generate usable electricity. This powers a pair of fans embedded in the rear of the pack to help keep your back cool while you hike.