The Smart Knife Analyzes and Calculates the Freshness of Your Food

 - Oct 1, 2013
References: electroluxdesignlab
This concept is really sharp! The Smart Knife has been designed to help you perform a very common task in the kitchen, but it's been packed with a cornucopia of hi-tech features that you never knew you craved. Until you need it, the blade sits securely in its safety-locked knife block that doubles as a wireless charger.

The generous surface area of the cutting-edge chopper provides ample space for a touchscreen interface. This can reorient easily for an ideal view as you dice your vegetables and carve your meats. While you do this, Jeon Chang Dae's ingenious culinary device tests your food's freshness, nutrient content, bacterial level and its toxicity. The Electrolux Smart Knife serves up informative numbers and even images and can seal your final slice with preserving negative ions.