The WorkaWay Desk is Your Fresh-Air Office Away from the Office

 - Apr 25, 2013
References: welldesign & yankodesign
As more companies are coming to embrace the mobile office, a great interest is developing in the availability of alternative work environments. The WorkaWay station is a wonderful solution to providing a space for productivity in which people can benefit from fresh air and some public isolation. For those typically stuck in cramped cubicles or for those who work from home, the option of relocating to these ergonomic compartments would be very welcome.

Every one of WeLL Design's WorkaWay desks would be equipped with Wi-Fi and could be reserved ahead of time by checking in on a smartphone app. The cutout cubic design of the WorkaWay features a built-in seat, a work surface and shade and can be positioned in parks, plazas and anywhere in between.