The Triticum Bread Packaging is Ergonomic and Hip in Design

 - Jul 2, 2013
Spanish bakery Triticum pays special attention to bread packaging. Instead of using loosely hugging paper bags or one-size-fits-all boxes, Triticum uses boxes that are custom designed to each loaf of bread. The cardboard packaging is designed by owner and baker Xevi Remón. Because he himself bakes all the pastries, he knows best which shape or type of packaging would fit which loaf best.

The baguette handle is worth noting. It is incredibly ergonomic in design, as it securely holds multiple baguettes with the least amount of bulk in packaging. This wrap-around baguette sleeve saves materials and reduces waste.

Other boxes by Triticum are designed to leave very little to no space for air inside each box. Instead of wasting space and materials, each box has punched holes that resemble speakers. This allows the bread the breathe while exuding its delicious scent.