Stockings on Pets Make for Some Seriously Funny Dog Pictures

 - Apr 10, 2013
References: kotaku & incrediblethings
Cute cat pictures have been viral long enough, now it's time for the dogs to strike back with some funny dog pictures that are ridiculously outrageous.

Putting tights on dogs and letting them strut their stuff in skin-tight pantyhose is borderline obscene. I'm not sure what overcame these dog owners that they felt the urge to dress their dogs in stockings, but I'm glad they did because I haven't stopped laughing since I laid eyes on these almost perverted pictures. Since the fad has started, this ridiculous pet attire has not stopped with tights alone, some of them are even wearing little shoes to complete the look.

What makes these funny dog pictures so hilarious is that the dogs seem perfectly content with the fact that they are wearing women's underwear.