- Oct 27, 2014
These unconventional pet costumes range from cute chinchilla outfits to hipster-themed rodent ensembles that are intricately crafted. In addition to canine costumes and feline fashions that are crustacean-inspired, this list also features rodent styles that take the traditional pet costume one step further.

If you're not dressing up a cat or dog this Halloween, then you're sure to love an array of adorable mouse, chinchilla and guinea pig costumes that are also available for pint-sized pet lovers.

If looking to dress up a guinea pig or chinchilla, Etsy's laMarmotaCafe shop is the place for you with cute costumes that resemble ladybugs and dinosaurs. In addition to a cute costume, pet lovers can capture Instagram-worthy moments by dressing their tiny pet in a pair of oversized glasses. This Halloween idea is inspired by photographer Lieveheerbeestje's adorable image series.

From Cute Chinchilla Apparel to Hipster Rodent Get-ups: