The Scrap Metal Animals by Christian Champin are Recycled Brilliance

 - Mar 24, 2013
References: lustik.tumblr & neatorama
These scrap metal animals by artist Christian Champin are one of the most clever and artistic uses of recycled materials that I've ever seen.

The scrap metal animals are put together with discarded pieces of steel, iron and aluminum amongst other materials. There's a bunch of discarded machinery within the guts of the sculptures as well, such as gears that give the pieces a real steampunk vibe. The sculptures take on a life of their own with expressive faces and proportional bodies. Some of the scrap metal animals are actually very large, measuring as high as 2.5 meters tall in some cases.

These quirky designs look like something that would come straight out of a Pixar movie, or perhaps your worst nightmares if you have a fear of metal animals coming alive to enslave mankind.