Ecopods are Environmentally Friendly Houses that Come in a Box

 - Mar 29, 2013
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The Ecopod has a simple beginning: it was first created as a shipping container, but has since grown into much, much more. Its website claims to be "re-thinking the box," and it seems to be doing so quite well.

The Ecopod is literally a house in a box created completely from recycled materials and producing a small ecological footprint, making it perfect for environmentally conscious people looking for sturdy and affordable housing. You can add units, rearrange them and transport the Ecopods from place to place as you move around.

These shipping container-turned-living spaces are fully insulated with an outer shell of steel (literally), making it pretty indestructible and also, I'd imagine quite warm. So if you're looking for house that requires little to no assembly, the Ecopod might be the product for you.