From DIY Concrete Clocks to Leaf-Like Wooden Furniture

 - Jan 5, 2014
Simplicity and convenience are the most dominant characteristics of the top modern trends in 2013. Demonstrated throughout a variety of design and art forms, including structures, architecture and home decor, minimalist aesthetic and function continue to increase in popularity and are at the top of consumer wish lists.

One example that really showcases the integration of simplicity into modern design is the idea of incorporating the simpleness of nature into the styles, shapes and forms of products. Typically a more traditional material, wood is back in the spotlight as a sleekly sophisticated item to use as a mean of creating a modern aesthetic.

We also see many designers, artists and architects combining the indoors and outdoors to create a space that offers feelings of calmness and simplicity. Designs and art that mimic nature represent a step away from flashy and overly cluttered looks.

To satisfy the needs of convenience-seeking consumers, modernity now means portable. Products -- no matter how big or small -- that can be easily used in multiple locations appeal to the large market of individuals who value time and utility.

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