Shelter/Pavilion is an Efficient Emergency Abode of Material Scraps

 - Jan 18, 2013
References: carterwilliamson &
The prototype on display of Shelter/Pavilion by Carter Williamson might look all shiny and new, but the intention is that dwellings like this could be constructed entirely from reclaimed materials. The design is compact and fairly basic yet there's an ingenuity to it that is sufficient for providing up to eight people with a temporary or even more permanent roof over their heads.

This model showcases the iconic use of corrugated iron for which Australian architecture is known. It's up on sturdy metal stilts with a perforated deck and a small set of stairs, it features protective hatch windows and a steeply sloped roof. A loft inside the attic of the Shelter/Pavilion separates the sleeping area from the other domestic activities for a sensible division of interior spaces amidst the stressful circumstances following natural disasters and the like.