The Tolbiac Plays Around with Dimensions to Create Ambience

 - Jul 8, 2013
The Tolbiac by French company Cinna adds a modern twist to traditional bookcases. Visually distorted with one side angled unlike the other, the Tolbiac book shelf creates a mini staircase. The confusing design integrates slanted boards so that when assembled, one side is lopsided.

From a side view, one side of the Tolbiac is sloped near the ground. This staircase-like design is more so for the visual appearance of being in an old-fashioned library, reminiscent of the times wall book shelves required ladders.

This library wall fixture is a modern way to reminisce of classic furniture. Though its ad photos have a child standing on one of the steps of the bookcase, Cinna advises the lop-sided design was purely meant for aesthetics purposes.