Extend by Yasuko Furukawa is the Ultimate Floating Book Shelf

 - Apr 22, 2013
References: yoy-idea.jp
This creative design called ‘Extend’ is the ultimate floating bookshelf. Other floating book shelves create ‘invisible’ shelving units that can be fixed to your wall. The Extend, however, is far more subtle than that. The white metal shelf can be clamped to the underside of your table so that the books can appear to be stuck together, defying gravity.

This design was executed by Japanese product designer Yasuko Furukawa and was unveiled at Milan Design week 2013. It can be easily clamped onto the underside of your table and can extend your book collection outwards into thin air. Seeing as this product is made of a thin layer of white metal, it’s virtually invisible. 

The ‘Extend’ will make a quirky addition to anyone’s home who enjoys incorporating playfulness into their interiors. For such a simple product, the ‘Extend’ will certainly grab people’s attention and make a statement in your living area.