Old Media Technology Becomes Repurposed in Jim Hake's CD Art

 - Apr 27, 2013
References: skulchaboy.wix & junk-culture
While the future generations may have no clue what CDs were ever used for, artist Jim Hake pays homage to these outdated devices by smashing them into pieces and creating his recycled CD art.

This sculpture is composed of hundreds of jagged pieces of broken CD shards soldiered together to create a stunning masterpiece that shines with the rainbow of retro musical media and the sparkle of its multifaceted crystalline surface. Not only is his artwork reminiscent of this soon-to-be-forgotten technology, it also commemorates forgotten singers from the '60s, an era when pop icons were naturally talented and voice-altering techniques such as auto-tune were not even on their radar.

The shiny glamor of nostalgia and eras past has been beautifully captured in the recycled CD art sculpture created by Jim Hake.