The MAMA Bike Rack Shelves Your Bicycle for Safe Storage

 - Oct 31, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Some riders find it difficult to part with their prized two-wheelers upon reaching their destinations, though with the MAMA Bike Rack the owner can feel a little better about his bicycle remaining removed from the trajectory of foot traffic. This delightful contraption allows you to hang your conveyance up above the pavement and against the outside or inside wall of a building.

Really very simple, this piece by Matteo Baldarelli is a small configuration of powder-coated metal planes that produces a pair of hooks on which to position your top tube. Three holes in the material allow for different sorts of bike locks to be looped through, and finally, the MAMA Bike Rack acts as a shelf as well, where you may set your helmet or your morning cup of coffee.