The Mole's Hide and Seek Bike Rack Emerges from the Asphalt for Use

 - Dec 9, 2011
Perhaps the reason why empty bicycle racks are sometimes limited is because the fixtures themselves are quite obtrusive. Institutions may curb the number that they install to minimize the sidewalk obstacle course effect, erring on the side of offering just too few.

Considering the likelihood that aesthetics and circulation are indeed the primary points against bicycle stands, the Mole's Hide and Seek Bike Rack solves the problem. Hong Sung Min, Park Soyoung, You Song Young and Hong Se Won have proposed that these units be stored underground.

Mimicking the retractable posts found at park entrances and driveways, these poles can raise and lower to free the space around unused mounts. The Red Dot Design concept glows green when available and red when occupied. The Mole's Hide and Seek Bike Rack even integrates a hi-tech bike lock that scans the rider's fingerprints for security.