From Airport Car Sharing Services to Free Vehicle Rentals

 - Mar 19, 2015
Shared transportation services offer a happy medium that evades the unreliable nature of public transportation and the costs of owning a vehicle. Whether you're looking to travel from home to work, the airport or just somewhere fun, beyond getting you from point A to B, these services have great benefits for the environment, community-building and your wallet.

Taking rental cars to the next level are services like Zipcar's ONE>WAY, which lets a driver drop off a vehicle at their end destination rather than where a trip started. To help drivers and passengers connect on the fly for carpooling, there are apps like Blancride and Heetch.

Although the average person will never own a helicopter, private jet or luxury car, there are tons of shared transportation services that will let you hail one on-demand. For instance, in order to make luxury air travel affordable to the masses, the Blade app lets a traveler arrange a time to fly to the Hamptons and crowdsource the rest of the seats to reduce the cost that they would otherwise have to pay in full for a solo trip.