The i-Go Rentable E-Bike System Attracts All Urban Types

 - Aug 14, 2011
References: macs-design & ecofriend
Considering the i-Go Rentable E-Bike System, one can be sure that it would work in most major cities because it caters to a wide variety of people who call the urban environment their home. The active, eco-conscious, tech-savvy, thrifty and the trendy would all be seduced by Marc Andre Cardinal's invention.

First of all, this is a scheme of bicycle sharing that lowers the cost and responsibility of owning your own two-wheeler and reduces automotive traffic on the road. Special bike racks would be established around town to allow consumers easy access to hiring lightweight, efficient electric bicycles that incorporate smartphone-enabled GPS and personal training. The work that you put into peddling the i-Go Rentable E-Bike gets stored as energy within the motor, and if at the end of your ride that balance is positive, the system pays you back for your mechanical input.