Canadian Artist Floyd Elzinga Explores the Agressive Nature of Seeds

 - Feb 5, 2013
References: floydelzinga & neatorama
What at first might appear to be relics from a long-gone past are actually sculptures created by Floyd Elzinga. The oversized pine cones might inspire fantastical thoughts of dinosaurs and giants, at the very least in children's minds, but they are manmade objects, not natural phenomena. Floyd Elzinga made them from the blades of shovels. The natural brown and rusty hue gives the sculptures an authentic appeal.

Based in Beamsville, Ontario, Floyd Elzinga focuses on the themes of "broken landscapes, portraits of trees and the aggressive nature of seeds," as written on his website. These pine cones are certainly agressive. Especially drawn to metal for its "malleable, plastic and forgiving nature,[...] [h]e has been exploring traditional metal working techniques to create textures and depth the same way a painter would use a paintbrush."