The 55 Ft Bird Basting Hoax

 - Nov 19, 2008
References: theonion & uniquedaily
You know the holidays are coming when more than 10,000 people watch the stuffing of a giant turkey. I am so disappointed that we don't have an event like this in the UK. I am desperate to see gravy boats coming up the Thames.

OK, so it is clearly another awesome spoof ‘news’ piece from the Onion, but I love it.

Brilliantly they claim it is a nationally televised event that begins when workers prop open the skin flaps of the 55-foot-tall bird and push an 11-ton mixture of bread crumbs, onions, and other fixings into its massive cavity.

Some people are fooled by the Onion news at times, but surely this statement will clear up any confusion:

"Officials claimed that the turkey would not be wasted this year, as its leftovers will be used to make enough sandwiches to last for the next 10 months."