From Breakfast-Loving Winter Wear to Inedible Craft Lunches

 - Feb 12, 2012
These fabulous felt foods look good enough to eat and cozy enough to wear. In recent years, kitschy faux-food accessories and decor have become wildly popular, and these felt edibles are no exception. Dress your table in sunny side up place mats, or entertain your hyper tot with a fun stackable felt sandwich. Regardless of their function (or lack thereof) these fabulous felt foods are sure to put a smile on your face and get your tummy rumbling.

Rendered in careful detail, these felt foods look hopelessly delicious albeit linty. Inject your humble abode with a little edible whimsy or bundle up your baby in a sushi outfit that is so darling you'll want to gobble it up. Injected with a good deal of kitsch and a whole lot of charm, these fancy faux-food finds will have you craving in seconds.

Hunger-inducing, drool-worthy and fun, these fabulous felt foods will have you licking your lips.