- Jul 30, 2013
The recent Reza Aslan interview by 'Fox News' anchor Lauren Green was definitely uncomfortable. Repeatedly questioning Aslan's interest and credentials for writing a book on Christianity while being a practicing Muslim created tension during the interview that is making it more than buzzworthy. The interview is a good example of the importance of doing quality research before interviewing someone.

Even with the Reza Aslan interview being a viral hit for its negative outcome, it definitely inspires a look at some of those bizarre media situations that have sprung up over the years. When the lights go on and the cameras are running live, you're looking at a scenario that can immediately turn bad at any moment. From weather reporters being blown away while covering hurricanes to amazingly done satirical reports from 'The Onion,' all of these noteworthy situations have inspired a wealth of different emotions.

Inspired by Fox News’ Awkward Reza Aslan Interview: