CNN's Advernewsment

 - Jul 31, 2007
References: bbspot
News giant CNN has decided to revamp their site, to include more news in their site advertisements. Tommy Rickey will be head of the new “advernewsment” department according to, who interviewed Rickey.

“While the website might be entirely ads and promotions for our television shows, we still have the ghostly soul of a news organization, and that will remain as long as I'm here,” Rickey was quoted.

So what are CNN's “innovative” ideas?

The issue of global climate change was integrated into ads for GM's new plug-in hybrid car, for example. Also, "A recent flash ad we ran for Coca-Cola featured Condoleeza Rice handing Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki an icy cold Coke. It was informative and refreshing.”

What is CNN gaining?

“It'll be win-win for the advertisers and CNN. They can earn some revenue by placing news stories in their ads, and we'll get some legitimacy as a news organization,” according to Rickey.

According to the article, MSNBC and FoxNews are considering implementing the all-ad format on their sites a well.