FOX 14’s Nick Kosir Gives Hip Hop Weather Forecasts

 - May 23, 2013
References: blameitonthevoices
Nick Kosir Meteorologist Reporter for FOX 14 has recently become famous for his rapping meteorologist reports. His most recent rapping meteorologist reports have been to the beat of Lil Wayne and Fat Joe’s ‘Make it Rain.’ This is probably one of the most interesting weather reports you will ever see (personally, I am shocked that FOX News has allowed this to go out on live broadcast). I am guessing that this has been accepted because of the overwhelming amount of ratings that this has received for the network.

Although Nick Kosir does not have the most amazing voice for rapping, he is extremely successful when integrating the news and weather with the original lyrics of the featured song. This is a great expression of creativity, taking something that is usually boring like the weather report and turning it into something fun that everyone can have a laugh at and enjoy.