- Mar 21, 2012
The food industry has become embittered over the latest Gordon Ramsay lawsuit with Montreal restaurant Laurier BBQ, a debacle valued at $2.7 million. Although the celebrity chef has been receiving a lot of heat for his controversial business practices, his famously profane activities have actually become a pervasive theme within multiple cuisine-related niches.

Gordon Ramsay's hot temper and blunt manner of speech have been the top selling points for many of the world's food networks. An icon in his field, Ramsay has come to epitomize crass cooking, and has moreover created a distinctively sassy name for himself. From this, it is hardly surprising that his highly celebrated, cheeky repertoire has been synonymous with an upswing in crude cookbooks, boorish dinnerware and even avant-garde poultry packaging.

The Gordon Ramsay lawsuit will allegedly address his heavily debated approach to restaurant management. However, while this topic will remain contested for some time, these in-your-face products will continue to take off.

Gordon Ramsay Lawsuit Speaks to the Broader Profane Food Industry: