Bride Serves Herself to Guests

 - Jan 10, 2008
References: edition.cnn
Proving that everything is bigger in Texas, lone star bride Chidi Ogbuta had her likeness made into a cake for her wedding day. She said it was her childhood dream to have a full sized version of herself in cake form. Disturbing? Perhaps, but in the age of personalization anything is possible.

Personalization has exploded in the past few years with everything from engraved iPods to tell-all blogs to customized clothing items. Everyone wants to be famous, it seems. But wouldn't you feel a little awkward eating the bride's thigh at a wedding reception? Apparently it was no trouble for the groom who sliced the cake just above the bride's knee. It took over a week for man and knife, I mean wife, to finish their cake. You can't just throw away a half eaten cake that looks like your wife, knowing you just spent an arm and a leg on it.