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World News

Offering insight into innovations and current events from around the globe, Trend Hunter’s news category covers everything from regional retail developments to pop culture innovations and global initiatives.
Top 35 World Trends in November
Top 35 World Trends in November
From Under-Rock Hotel Promos to Virtual Expedition Film Festivals
The November 2020 world trends are full of innovative ways that consumers can experience global ideas while catering to the restrictions of the global pandemic. One of these is the ‘Under a... MORE
Top 30 World Trends in October
Top 30 World Trends in October
From Galactic Hotel Room Stays to WFH Luggage Collections
The October 2020 world trends continue to help consumers and brands navigate through the new normal without compromising worldly experiences. Some examples offer unique ways to approach travel or to... MORE
Top 30 World Trends in June
Top 30 World Trends in June
From Safe Travel Kits to Separating Airplane Seats
The June 2020 world trends explore a new way of living and adapting to the new normal to live through the threat of COVID-19 and what is to follow after. Many brands are catering to an altered way... MORE
Free Megatrend Webinar
Free Megatrend Webinar
Armida Ascano Unpacks Macro Shifts in Today's World on May 5th
Join Trend Hunter’s Chief Insights Officer, Armida Ascano, for a free Megatrend webinar on May 5th at 1 p.m. ET. We’re all experiencing unprecedented change in our personal and... MORE
Work Culture Webinar
Work Culture Webinar
Jaime Neely Helps Us Adapt to the New Normal of Work
On April 21st, join Trend Hunter’s Chief Culture Officer Jaime Neely for a free work culture webinar. In this session, titled Navigating the New Normal of Work, Jaime will share tips and tools... MORE
Top 60 World Trends in December
Top 60 World Trends in December
From Artsy Camp Music Festivals to Chocolate Spread-Themed Hotels
The round-up of December 2019 world trends take into account of global innovative factors, especially those that surround unique ideas and travel concepts. There are many ways that brands all around... MORE
Top 40 World Trends in November
Top 40 World Trends in November
From Vibrant 90s-Themed Hotels to Carbon-Neutral Cruises
The November 2019 world trends cover a plethora of new ideas from all over the world, highlighting unique concepts, travel experiences, and much more. One of the standout ideas that was covered this... MORE
Top 35 World Trends in October
Top 35 World Trends in October
From AI-Based Restoration Methods to Portable Igloo Hotels
The list of October 2019 world trends explores global ways of innovation, whether it is implemented to a product, service, or overall experience. Some of the world trends aim for progression and... MORE
Everyday Detection
New initiatives and products are enabling the seamless detection of diseases
Trend - In order to encourage consumers to be more mindful of their health or be aware of early symptoms, brands are launching products and services that help with disease detection. Divorced from the seriousness of official medical wear, these options seamlessly blend into the everyday.
Workshop Question - How can your brand enable individuals to feel more at ease?
Adaptive Innovation Webinar
Adaptive Innovation Webinar
Master the Science of Innovation With Jeremy Gutsche on June 30th
On June 30th, 2020 at 1 p.m. ET, Trend Hunter’s CEO Jeremy Gutsche will be hosting a free Adaptive Innovation webinar. It’s tempting to think of innovation as the result of random... MORE
Culture of Innovation Webinar
Culture of Innovation Webinar
Jeremy Gutsche Helps Businesses Chaos-Proof Their Culture On June 2
In our current period of chaos and uncertainty, adaptability and innovation are more important than ever. As seemingly every industry is impacted by the pandemic, businesses have had to completely... MORE
play_circle_filled Independent News Campaigns
Independent News Campaigns
German Broadcaster Deutsche Welle Launches a Free Speech Campaign
Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle has launched it’s Free Speech campaign with a new short film that highlights what keeps autocrats up at night: a free and independent press.... MORE
Long Glass-Bottomed Bridges
Long Glass-Bottomed Bridges
Architects from Zhejiang University Built This Bridge in China
The longest glass-bottomed bridge has been announced by the Guinness World Records and it is this structure in the Huangchuan Three Gorges Scenic Area of southern China. The structure was envisioned... MORE
play_circle_filled One-Year Residency Certificates
One-Year Residency Certificates
Bermuda Opens its Doors for Travellers Working-From-Home
The Bermuda government recently launched a One-Year Residential Certificate for individuals looking to work or study remotely on the island. Visitors must be at least 18 years old, have health... MORE
Remote Worker Visas
Remote Worker Visas
Portugal is Allowing Remote Visitors to Stay with the Temporary Resident Visa
Europe has begun opening its doors to the digital nomad — a remote worker, typically from a Western country, who’s employment was temporarily shifted to at-home due to the pandemic — and... MORE
Minimalist Anti-Bias News Apps
Minimalist Anti-Bias News Apps
The 'Brief' News App Focuses on the Facts to Curb Content Overload
Many consumers spend hours each day consuming media from a variety of sources which has led some to experience content overload, so the ‘Brief’ news app is positioned as a solution for... MORE
Top 40 World Trends in April
Top 40 World Trends in April
From Economy Class Sleeping Pods to Neutral Tonal Camping Gear
The April 2020 world trends highlight many different global concepts that elevate experiences including travel, regional, bizzare ideas, and much more. One of the notable trends this month is by Air... MORE
AI-Based Disease Surveillance
AI-Based Disease Surveillance
Bluedot Uses Proprietary Algorithms to Spot Disease Outbreaks
Bluedot, a Toronto-based health startup uses AI to track diseases around the world. They combine public health and medical expertise with advanced data analytics to analyze, surveil, and... MORE
Self-Isolation Rum Kits
Self-Isolation Rum Kits
The Duppy Share's Home Rum Helps to Support the Hospitality Industry
Government orders have caused the closures of cafes, bars and restaurants during the current pandemic and businesses are quickly creating ways for consumers to show their continued support and keep... MORE
Comprehensive Coronovirus Dashboards
Comprehensive Coronovirus Dashboards
Microsoft Bing Launched a Digital Map to Keep Users Informed
Microsoft Bing has launched a digital “map” to provide news on the pandemic. The Bing map currently shows per-country data on COVID-19 cases, alongside information on fatal cases, recovered cases,... MORE
Awareness-Raising Gaming Skins
Awareness-Raising Gaming Skins
A Concept Artist Created a Firefighter Skin for Overwatch
Armando Gonzalez-Dorta, a concept artist, created firefighter skin for an ‘Overwatch’ character, named Roadhog. The firefighter skin was created to commemorate firefighters in Australia.... MORE
Flood Warning Protest Signage
Flood Warning Protest Signage
Phantom Unveiled Signage Urging the UK to Take Climate Action
Phantom creative agency has launched “an alarming redesign of the UK’s flood warning symbol” to raise public awareness about the impending risks of climate change that threatens to... MORE
Top 70 World Trends in August
Top 70 World Trends in August
From Shipping Container Micro Homes to Avocado-Shaped Accomodations
The August 2019 world trends feature many innovative travel ideas, bizarre hotel designs, and much more. The broad range of concepts that were explored this month pushed boundaries of new... MORE
Top 70 World Trends in September
Top 70 World Trends in September
From Traveling Food Taster Positions to Retro 70s-Themed Motels
The list of September 2019 world trends explores different travel experiences at a global scale, offering fresh products and services that stem from many cultural angles. One of this month’s... MORE
Top 40 World Trends in July
Top 40 World Trends in July
From Rosé-Themed Glamping Experiences to Overnight Travel Experiences
The July 2019 world trends cover many ideas including traveling innovative products, services, and unique hotel experiences. The list of concepts push boundaries on how we can better explore what... MORE