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World News

Offering insight into innovations and current events from around the globe, Trend Hunter’s news category covers everything from regional retail developments to pop culture innovations and global initiatives.
Top 60 World Trends in December
Top 60 World Trends in December
From Artsy Camp Music Festivals to Chocolate Spread-Themed Hotels
The round-up of December 2019 world trends take into account of global innovative factors, especially those that surround unique ideas and travel concepts. There are many ways that brands all around... MORE
Top 35 World Trends in October
Top 35 World Trends in October
From AI-Based Restoration Methods to Portable Igloo Hotels
The list of October 2019 world trends explores global ways of innovation, whether it is implemented to a product, service, or overall experience. Some of the world trends aim for progression and... MORE
Top 70 World Trends in September
Top 70 World Trends in September
From Traveling Food Taster Positions to Retro 70s-Themed Motels
The list of September 2019 world trends explores different travel experiences at a global scale, offering fresh products and services that stem from many cultural angles. One of this month’s... MORE
Top 35 World Trends in May
Top 35 World Trends in May
From Anime-Themed Amusement Parks to Tension-Alleviating Travel Pillows
The list of May 2019 world trends is globally progressive, with concepts that explore travel, new collaborative products and services, and much more. One of the standout launches this month... MORE
Suspended Futuristic Research Centers
Suspended Futuristic Research Centers
Clouds Architecture Office's Proposes an Avatar X Campus
New York-based firm Clouds Architecture Office completes and releases its concept for the Avatar X Space Exploration Campus which is a public-private program run by Japan Aerospace Exploration... MORE
Prototype Hyperloop Capsules
Prototype Hyperloop Capsules
Priestmangoode & Hyperloop Transportation Technologies use Vibranium
Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is one step closer to achieving its “near-supersonic transportation system” with this prototype. Designed by industrial design studio Priestmangoode,... MORE
Ultra-Skinny Tall Towers
Ultra-Skinny Tall Towers
The New York Tower by SHoP Architects is Envisioned to Be 1,421 Feet Tall
This New York tower is designed by local firm SHoP Architects and is currently being constructed on 111 West 57th Street. The structure is considered to be “the world’s skinniest... MORE
New Economy-Housing Masterplans
New Economy-Housing Masterplans
OMA Proposes an Architectural Design for the New Chinese Economy
OMA is one of four firms, whose proposals were selected to house and nurture the new Chinese economy in Chengdu. The architectural development is necessary since the country is amid a revolution&#... MORE
Connected Diaper
Connected diapers for infants offer more easily manageable changings
Trend - Connected diapers (or diaper add-ons) that alert caregivers when newborns require a diaper change are on the rise, prompting easier organization of the child’s schedule, and a better understanding of the general health of the baby being taken care of.
Workshop Question - How could your brand appeal to the new ways of thinking that come with generational differences?
Flood Warning Protest Signage
Flood Warning Protest Signage
Phantom Unveiled Signage Urging the UK to Take Climate Action
Phantom creative agency has launched “an alarming redesign of the UK’s flood warning symbol” to raise public awareness about the impending risks of climate change that threatens to... MORE
Top 70 World Trends in August
Top 70 World Trends in August
From Shipping Container Micro Homes to Avocado-Shaped Accomodations
The August 2019 world trends feature many innovative travel ideas, bizarre hotel designs, and much more. The broad range of concepts that were explored this month pushed boundaries of new... MORE
Awareness-Raising Gaming Skins
Awareness-Raising Gaming Skins
A Concept Artist Created a Firefighter Skin for Overwatch
Armando Gonzalez-Dorta, a concept artist, created firefighter skin for an ‘Overwatch’ character, named Roadhog. The firefighter skin was created to commemorate firefighters in Australia.... MORE
Top 40 World Trends in November
Top 40 World Trends in November
From Vibrant 90s-Themed Hotels to Carbon-Neutral Cruises
The November 2019 world trends cover a plethora of new ideas from all over the world, highlighting unique concepts, travel experiences, and much more. One of the standout ideas that was covered this... MORE
Top 40 World Trends in July
Top 40 World Trends in July
From Rosé-Themed Glamping Experiences to Overnight Travel Experiences
The July 2019 world trends cover many ideas including traveling innovative products, services, and unique hotel experiences. The list of concepts push boundaries on how we can better explore what... MORE
Lunar Landing Celebration Stamps
Lunar Landing Celebration Stamps
The Isle of Man 'One Small Step' Stamps are Commemorative
The Isle of Man ‘One Small Step’ stamps have been unveiled by the post office as a commemorative collection of designs that mark the anniversary of the iconic event. The stamps were... MORE
Embassy Fast Food Partnerships
Embassy Fast Food Partnerships
Mcdonald's in Austria Will Now Help Tourists in Distress
A peculiar but helpful partnership has been struck between the U.S. Embassy and McDonald’s in Austria, with American’s being encouraged to seek out a McDonald’s for lost or stolen... MORE
Electronic Waste Olympic Medals
Electronic Waste Olympic Medals
The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Medals will be Made from eWaste
Old technology devices are often viewed as obsolete within a short period of time yet are abundant with precious materials, which is something the Tokyo 2020 Olympics medals look to take advantage of.... MORE
Supertall Complex Pixelated Towers
Supertall Complex Pixelated Towers
Büro Ole Scheeren Completes the 2nd Tallest Thailand Building
This pixelated tower is sleek, elegant and exceptionally interesting. Completed by Büro Ole Scheeren, the structure features a glass-floored observation deck that will surely have visitors excited.... MORE
Blockchain Smart City Concepts
Blockchain Smart City Concepts
Jeffrey Berns is Taking Over a Plot of the Nevada Desert for This
Jeffrey Berns has come to be known as a cryptocurrency millionaire since he accumulated a fortune last year and now the wealthy individual is planning on funding a Blockchain Smart City concept.... MORE
Pixelated Norwegian Banknote Designs
Pixelated Norwegian Banknote Designs
Snøhetta Contributes with Unconventional Landscape Images
Local creative firm Snøhetta was selected back in 2014 by the Central Bank of Norway to come up with a banknote design for the country’s currency. After four years of development and... MORE
Large-Scale Ocean Cleanup Projects
Large-Scale Ocean Cleanup Projects
The Ocean Cleanup is an Organization, Rooted in Sustainability
The first large-scale ocean cleanup project sets off from San Francisco. The eco-favorable initative essentially boasts a “U-shaped floating barrier with a 10-foot ‘skirt” that is... MORE
Inclusive Content Digital Platforms
Inclusive Content Digital Platforms
The Uproxx Site Caters to the Digital Male Demographic
From science and technology to sports and entertainment, Uproxx produces inclusive content that embraces topics that “make young guys tick.” The online platform is owned by Woven Digital MORE
Asteroid Mining Degrees
Asteroid Mining Degrees
The Colorado School of Mines Teaches ExtraTerrestrial Mining
Until now, harvesting natural resources from asteroids and other planetary bodies has been relegated to the future world of science fiction.  The Colorado School of Mines believes the future is... MORE
Top 100 World Trends for 2019
Top 100 World Trends for 2019
From Secret Cabin Retreats to Health-Focused Lagoon Retreats
The 2019 world trends highlight a variety of different immersive experience that are offered all over the globe. Some important elements covered include social good and health consciousness. These... MORE
Motivational Male-Focused Digital Platforms
Motivational Male-Focused Digital Platforms
The BroBible is a Community-Driven Platform for Males
Community-driven platforms are popular as they recognize the intersection of interests in demographics. The BroBible is a good example of a male-centric website because it offers content that is... MORE