From Steampunked Wedding Cakes to Pasta Cakes

 - Mar 5, 2010   Updated: Mar 23 2011
The multi-tiered cakes in this cluster will have any dessert lover drooling. These tall cake structures don't just taste delicious, but they look delicious too. Whatever your interests are, whether it's fashion, burgers, steampunk culture or pasta, these multi-tiered cakes will satisfy all your confection desires.

Implications - Giving the term "sweet tooth" a whole new meaning, these cake features definitely show the consumer interest in desserts and pastries alike. Using different edible mediums to create a standard cake that individuals know and love, businesses are spicing up the classic sugary sweets and turning them into more personalized confections that are particular to the ones eating them, ensuring that they get the best cake-eating experience that's to their liking.