Death By Cotton Candy And Other Food Obsessions By Visual Artist Daniela Edburg

 - Jun 8, 2007
Visual artist Daniela Edburg has created a gallery of work entitled "Drop Dead Gorgeous" to showcase our obsession with and love of food. There is an in-depth interview regarding this work at The Morning News website, but basically her work shines a light on the feelings one is consumed with when a love for some food item overtakes us. The photos point out the possibility that our love of something tasty has made us go a little insane and binge eat the whole box or container of the food we love. Then the guilt sets in and these photos take that guilt to the extreme with the culmination of the binge being sudden death. There is something disturbing yet visually captivating in each of her photos. More of her work can be seen at The Morning News than there is room to print here so head on over and see the rest of the Drop Dead Gorgeous collection.