These Color-Enriched Items are Sickly Sweet

 - Dec 14, 2011
Cotton candy is a staple at every circus, carnival or county fair. You loved it as a child and are seeing it referenced more and more as an adult. From frilly fuchsia fashions to pale pink automobiles, the design industry is taking inspiration from your favourite fluffy treat.

Peachy pink tresses, rainbow-hued furs and candy-inspired architecture are just some of the many examples of treat-infused designs. While fashion designers and hair stylists are recreating cotton candy's texture with voluminous textiles and teased tresses, interior and industrial designers are bringing an element of kitsch to their work with an endless array of complex, color-filled spaces.

Cotton candy is loved not only for its sweet and soft taste but for its interesting texture, bright color and the overall element of fantasy associated with it.