The Warm and Fuzzy Cookie Pops are Sugary Sweet

These Warm and Fuzzy Heart Cookie Pops are absolutely delectable and thanks to Meghan of The Decorated Cookie blog, you too can make your own.

Meghan has managed to combine two sugary delights into one. With the blend of cotton candy floss and a cookie, these delectable treats are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Meghan said of her yummy idea, "I'm not sure if these are warm and fuzzy, as I promised in the title, or sort of strange and gross. At any rate, they are easy to make. This idea was born in the long long oh my goodness long line at Michaels craft store."

These Warm and Fuzzy Heart Cookie Pops are the perfect treat to serve up at your next barbeque or children's party. Click here for the full recipe.