The 'Intervention-ware' Plate Series Provides Quirky Sayings

 - Jan 9, 2012
References: fishseddy & tumblr
"You're not perky, you are obnoxious," is just one of the many insults from the less-than-kind and most likely brutally honest dishware from the 'Intervention-ware' line.

'Fishs Eddy' has introduced these insult-bearing Intervention-ware plates that are sure to be loved and hated by many, possibly even simultaneously. Intervention-ware plays on an authoritative self-deprecating humor that will shock and satisfy you. What could quite possibly be vulgar is seen as humorous due to the fact it captures what one might actually feel deep down.

For those looking for entertaining plates at their next dinner party, these dishware designs are the perfect fit. Just don't invite anyone who takes offense to a plate saying "Big Mistake" on the front.