'Cereal Killers' by Artist Joe Simko is a Series That Spoofs & Scares

 - Oct 18, 2011
References: wax-eye & bizarremag
Artist Joe Simko has hand painted 250 'Cereal Killers' trading cards and they will eventually be released for actual cereal boxes! These spooky movie-inspired drawings are not for the faint of heart and may have some ditching the cereal and going for toast instead. Sold in most collector stores, the cereal box drawings aren't just terrifying but clever as well. Each drawing is a combination of a popular cereal and a horror movie.

So far 'Chucky Charms' has been the most popular but my personal favorite is 'Shredded Feet' which is Shreddie's and based on the Saw movie series. The character is happily eating his own shredded feet, does it get any more gnarly than that?! Well I know that as Joe puts it, these disturbing Cereal Killers are "sure to be a bowl of fun"!

Photo Credits: bizarremag, wax-eye