The Leg Lamp Cupcakes Will Have You Craving 'A Christmas Story'

Those who are familiar with the classic holiday film 'A Christmas Story' should get a kick (pun intended) out of these Leg Lamp Cupcakes. Paying tribute to the bizarre, but somehow beloved, Leg Lamp Ralphie's father receives. Naturally, his wife doesn't go for the crass piece of decor and the resulting passive aggressive sparring between the two is now considered essential holiday viewing.

These pop cultured cakes were made by Nicole at The Party Animal, a party planning website. Creating her own cupcake toppers, Nicole placed a hilarious cutout of the infamous lamp on each of her sumptuous vanilla petite cakes slathered with chocolate buttercream.

Sure to get you in the holiday spirit and have you craving the wacky exploits of Ralphie and all his pals, these Leg Lamp Cupcakes are bound to make a hilarious splash at your next Christmas party.