Rafael Gómezbarros Covers Alonso Gallery in a Swarm of Ants

Artist Rafael Gómezbarros creates mesmerizing installations that play on superstition and innate fears. Looking like something out of a bad B movie, Rafael Gómezbarros' recent work features 1,000 handcrafted giant ants that swarmed the Alonso Gallery. Playing to various religious connotations, this meticulously crafted plague is enough to get your heart racing.

The massive insects were crafted using multiple materials like cloth, gauze, tape, hemp, rope, wire and other medical materials. The heads and abdomen are shaped forebodingly like human skulls. Bringing to mind biblical connotations of the end of days, Rafael Gómezbarros's may make you think twice about walking through the doors of the Alonso Gallery.

Chilling, terrifying, yet irresistibly alluring, Rafael Gómezbarros' work pushes all the right psychological buttons to create a piece that speaks to people's fears.