From Dual-Perspective Paintings to Optical Illusion Lip Art

 - Oct 26, 2013
If you're entertained by things that make your mind question reality, then these mind-boggling illusions are perfect for you. Whether it's a painting or photograph that looks too surreal to be reality, or a staircase that never seems to end, these designs will definitely make you look deeper.

It's amazing how the same shapes, shadows and colors people used to can become bizarre and unfamiliar when optical illusions take hold. Everything you thought was impossible will now become a reality as you take your eyes on a journey through these designs.

The architects, illustrators, designers and animators of these creations use the human instinct to assume what's real from fake against them. A door that would normally open into another simple room, now opens to an alternate reality. So put on your glasses and remember to look twice because what you thought could never happen, is about to.