Ludovic Fesson Plays with Perception in His Beautiful Land Art

 - Sep 18, 2013
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Ludovic Fesson is utilizing nature for his series of land art photography entitled ‘Wild Ideas.’ Fesson uses all-natural materials such as sticks, branches and plants to construct stunning geometric shapes that are often partially submerged in water. The reflective surface of the water functions almost as an optical illusion, causing the sculptures to appear as though they are levitating. The water also picks up and refracts light, further accentuating the sculptures, and playing with shadow and depth perception.

Overall, these exquisite visual pieces are simultaneously simple and complex, and Fessen’s ability to transform natural materials into magnificent architectural pieces is unparalleled by any artist I’ve come across. Fessen’s sculptures ultimately allow viewers the possibility of a fantastical reality within the realm of nature. If you're a nature-lover, Fessen's creations are a must-see.