From Prettily Hazy Fashions to Immersively Luminous Galleries

 - Jun 11, 2013
There are a lot of beautiful and complex things you can do with light and these illuminated installation captures showcase the many artful possibilities. If you've ever experimented with shadow puppets or photography lighting these illuminated installation captures will amaze you.

Colorful twisted rays of light can be directed and reflected in all sorts of different ways. Incorporating different lamps in a variety of sized and voltages produces stunning effects that appear almost magical when captured on camera. Artists, stylists, photographers and film makers love to utilize the stunning effects produced by different lights.

Futuristic illumination installations use millions of different bulbs to create massive works of art. Comparatively, celestial ambient light captures showcase the impact of using minimal amounts of electricity to produce captivating art. These illuminated installation captures use all varieties of lighting to create art.