The Lightmark is a Clever Combination of a Reading Light and a Bookmark

 - Mar 1, 2013
References: yuhiraoka.wix
You might not always be able to anticipate when a reading light might be necessary, making it quite convenient to have one built right into your page saver.

The Lightmark measures 2.4 centimeters in width and 12.4 centimeters in length; an incredible thickness of just 3 millimeters makes it an ideal bookmark, slipping nicely in between the leaves of your current read. If it weren't for the row of gold contacts and the tiny power button on the back, you might not guess that Yu Hiraoka's product was electronic.

A tiny charging dock can prepare the Lightmark for hours of nighttime usage. When it's too dark to decipher text, switch it on, the OLED lighting strip will illuminate and can cast a glow on your open novel while wedged behind the next page.