The Sustainable Dance Floor Feeds Off of Kinetic Energy to Glow

 - May 1, 2013
References: sustainabledanceclub & psfk
The Sustainable Dance Floor harnesses wasted energy in such places as dance halls and clubs. It is a modular dance floor system that channels the kinetic energy of dancers to create a luminous floor that will electrify the night even more. In a way, the Sustainable Dance Floor will create a cycle of dance and light that adds to the overall atmosphere of such establishments.

Created by Energy Floors, a company in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, each tile making up the Sustainable Dance Floor is outfitted with a small generator that collects and stores the energy. Available for rent or sale, Temple Night Club in San Francisco is one of the few places that has them permanently installed.

Think of the possibilities these closed-loop recycled resource systems could have if applied elsewhere.