Carlos Ayesta Risks His Life to Capture These Stunning Shots

Carlos Ayesta's unreal metropolis photography is taken while he sits in a harness hundreds of feet off the ground. Ayesta risks his life for every photograph he takes, but the results that he achieves are phenomenal. The captures he achieves are from perspectives that most will never see.

Ayesta states, "My approach of taking photographs [while] abseiling and from hanging platforms show the architecture in another dimension." Seeing these stunning high-quality shots from outside of a skyscraper is definitely a dizzying experience. The shots are both distinct and captivating as he is able to capture a surreal feeling without manipulating the shots.

As he explains, "I can take pictures of hidden things. No one on the ground or on top of the buildings can see what I see." This ability to get photographs from stunning perspectives is what sets Carlos Ayesta apart in the field of photography.