Visible Structures by Nendo Look and Feel Falsely Insubstantial

 - May 12, 2011
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Looks can be deceiving, and Visible Structures by Nendo confirms this as far as both appearance and substance are concerned.

This collection of stools and chairs are in fact made from a bright, white-foam core which makes them look nearly invisible to the naked eye against a pale backdrop. The materiality too may lead one to feel unsupported in these seats, but the simple genius of the design is in the way all edges, corners and planes are reinforced.

Black carbon fiber tape is what creates the stripe and cross patterns on these de Stijl-inspired furnishings. Not purely for the benefit of aesthetics, these sturdy strips lock the foam in place, making Visible Structures by Nendo quite the opposite to the slight sight many may initially gather.

Photo Credits: Designboom