The Art of Illusion Gallery is as Captivating as it is Confusing

 - Sep 7, 2013
References: sciencegallery & thisiscolossal
The Art of Illusion has taken over the Science Gallery and has created an exhibit that requires more than one look.

Some of the best optical illusionists from all over the world have come to together in one building, and the end result is incredible. This is just a sample of the work that has been done, and the artists have outdone themselves by upping the incredible illusions and tricking our brains. Only at this exhibit can you see oil moving backwards, a contraption that moves stationary objects and a three-dimensional human made out of fiber optics. Each artist has interpreted illusion in their own style, and the collection is out of this world.

The Art of Illusion gallery is an exhibit that genuinely makes you question what is real, and if you have the time, watch the other videos linked in order to have your mind blown.