- Jan 28, 2014
These immersive wall designs allow artistic homeowners the chance to transform the atmosphere of any room into a wonderfully magical space.

When it comes to easily decorating a space, opting for decals or murals is a great way to instantly revitalize a room without having to take up too much space. Walls offer blank canvases that can literally be filled with whatever your heart desires. These immersive wall designs feature creative qualities that make you feel as if you're inside that piece of artwork itself. Perfect for those who can't stand plain decor and mundane aesthetics, these immersive wall designs will surely make you feel like you've entered a whimsical space.

From cityscape wall decals to those that make you feel like you're outdoors, these immersive designs will definitely add imaginative touches to any room.

From Musical Wall Makeovers to Glowing Wall Decor: