David Goldberg Recreates van Gogh's Starry Night With Hardware

 - Oct 23, 2012
References: styleture & mymodernmet
David Goldberg might not be an artist, he is a hardware store owner after all, but he sure has an artistic streak. After collecting various discontinued doorknobs and other door accessories, he has finally put them to good use. David Goldberg has created a large-scale mural outside of his shop Union Hardware in Bethesda, Maryland. Mimicking the famous artwork Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh, the doorknob mural is incredible.

Using 1,250 doorknobs, lever, plates and more, David Goldberg (now sometimes referred to as David van Go-berg) took four months to create his masterpiece. According to My Modern Met, "Folklore associated with the mural suggests that touching a specific series of knobs or levers will result in varying rewards." For instance, Italian chrome levers foresee a pasta dinner while crystal star knobs predict large diamonds.