From Gas-Cutting Door Knobs to Firearm Door Openers

 - Dec 30, 2012
These genius doorknob creations are a mix of function and art. Taking the regular use of a doorknob and pushing it to the extreme, these doorknobs are multi-functional and fulfill purposes you never even knew existed.

The portable hotel alarm, for instance, allows you to keep an eye on your door when you're staying abroad to make sure your valuables are kept safe even when you're not there. The simple genius of the lit-up doorknob to help you locate it in the night when you're fumbling to get to the washroom is a smart invention that makes your journey a little easier.

The many varied artistic creations and interpretations of doorknobs add an extra something to your house and to any room they are placed in. These designers clearly view the door as another wall on which to place beautiful objects and enhance the room.