The Flux Door Handle Takes a More Comfortable Form for Your Palm

 - Oct 12, 2012
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When you think about it, few door openers are actually sculpted with ergonomics in mind. Somewhat unusually, the Flux Door Handle marries together the easily graspable shape of the lever latch and the full bulbous form of the doorknob.

An improvement on the common doorknob, this concept requires a much more natural twist of the wrist. And it may not offer the same length as some of its type do, but it's got enough surface area for one to successfully seize it on the first reach.

One significant factor that influenced the smooth and rounded form of the Flux Door Handle is the malleable form of liquid metal. It's as if it's molten aluminum dripping slowly sideways. Subtle and sophisticated, the piece of ChauhanStudio hardware is suitable for all styles of interior spaces.