Studio Namic Door Handles Open Up to Abstract Industrial Interior Style

 - Oct 9, 2012
Ergonomics appear to be left out of the design of many doorknobs, so these Studio Namic Door Handles are certainly not a regression in terms of domestic hardware. In fact, their abstract sculptural forms provide more dynamic surfaces for a more effective grasp, as well as encouraging a more conscious interaction with such typically neglected objects.

David Goncalves and Andreia Mesquita have put together this intriguing collection of three different contemporary handgrips. The cross-shaped one is called Cruz, the short multifaceted one is the Ang and the sleek and slender one is labeled the 50's. Made in brushed steel, each model exhibits a sharp industrial quality and would be suited to the most cutting-edge of interior decor. Their streamlined but geometrically elaborate sculpting would make them alluring accents within minimalist spaces.