Pop Up Lighting Expresses its Inner Animal Once Switched On

 - Jan 29, 2013
References: 1designperday & notcot.org
Most light fixtures embody little to no mystery. Chandeliers reveal that sparkle effect once they're turned on, but few lamps offer the delightful surprise that Pop Up Lighting does. The three pieces might look like examples of mere origami, but they have a great deal more character that just isn't exposed until they've been allowed to illuminate dark rooms.

Each of the folded paper lamps has an integrated tab that was inspired by old interactive children's books from thirty-odd years ago. Pull this tag gently and another feature of the piece will emerge. The deer gains ears, the owl spreads its wings and the peacock changes the shape of its tail.

When Chen Bikovski's Pop Up Lighting is switched on, the stag acquires antlers, the owl opens its eyes and the peacock flaunts its feathers. These particular features are created by the light that escapes slits in the creased material.